Hirawo.net (英)

Yumi Hirawo : Singer song writer and singer of Jazz and Pops-music    

Born 1 May, blood type B.
Lives and works in Groningen, northern Netherlands.

Started singing pop cover songs in oldies bars in Tokyo in her 20s and jazz songs in jazz bars in Tokyo as a professional.

She later wrote her own songs and performs regularly at live houses in Tokyo, mainly playing the guitar.
She also performs in Tokyo with Yumi & Yuko (unit) and Hirawo (band).

Moved to the Netherlands in 2013.

Currently performing quietly at music festivals and museums in the Groningen region.
She has also started a unit 'Yura' with Dutch poet Laura-pool.

When she returns to Japan, she performs solo, with Hirawo band, Yumi & Yuko and with Toshiyuki Kashima (singer).