Live info

Live info

8 Sep. 2023 – Appelbergen music festival 2023 –

Sings at the Appelbergen music festival, an open-air music festival in the Appelbergen forest.

The local Glimmen (Groningen) Artests perform together at the festival, which is always full of variety.

In its tenth year, the programme includes a combination of music and theatre, so there is plenty to see.

Yumi will perform Dutch songs with the band. Yumi will also be performing a song in Dutch with the band.


7,8 October 2023 – Kunst op Nienoord 2023

Yumi will participate in a calligraphy demonstration at the Kunst markt op Nienoord at the Museum in the Nienoord Nature Park in Leek. Yumi will be playing guitar and singing.

Kunst op Nienoord